Who we are

We don't just walk the talk, we scrap it, paint it, journal it, and emboss it. We've got it bad, and we want to share our passion for crafts with the world and create one big happy crafting family.

We set out to create South Africa's best-stocked craft store. If it's new, trending, essential, or quirky you'll find it here – and if you're too busy crafting to jump in the car, check out our online store and get your craft supplies delivered to your door.

What we're about

We're all about the simple pleasures of transforming an idea into reality, of seeing the world as one giant Pinterest board of inspiration – learning new skills and techniques to create beautiful things that are unique and personal, and which spread love and happiness. Each project is a journey of exploration, and of selfdiscovery. Because you never know what you can create until you try.

Lots of people tell us that they're uninspired by their daily routines. With crafting, if you can picture it you can make it. There are no limits to your imagination – it's the ultimate escape and gives you an opportunity to express who you really are.

We're here to help point you in the right direction and supply everything you need – whether it's a latte, a handy tip, or the latest accessory for your Silhouette machine.

Life is meant to be lived, and crafting celebrates that – with passion!